Case Studies

Since the beginning Jenkins Machine Company has specialized in general machining and the creation of woodworking equipment. Today Jenkins Systems & Service continues to provide customers with new equipment, rebuilds, retrofits, parts, and service. Below you will find a small sample of how Jenkins Sales & Service keeps equipment operating at the levels that meet and exceed client expectations. 

  • Underthickness detection for wood-working machines
  • Vision retrofit for wood grain machines
  • Controls that improve machine capacity

Using an ultrasonic sensor with a long range proximity sensor, Jenkins created a process that would provide proper clamping of wood materials for a large kitchen cabinet manufacturer.

Using an inspection camera to detect the absence or presence of wood grains Jenkins created a process that would stop the chain before the board would be cut.

Jenkins developed a solution that consisted of removing nearly all of the electrical components and replacing them with a PC-based system that would display needed features.