Single Spindle CNC Shaper

Jenkins Single Spindle CNC Shaper produces custom arches without the use of templates, and cuts all components of raised panel doors without setup between designs or component changes. It is capable of cutting all five components of cabinet and architectural doors.


Multi-Pass, Bi-Directional Machining

This increases quality and reduces tear out. Backer blocks are used where zero tear out is required.

Stacked Spindle

This spindle is capable of holding four shaper tools.

CNC Controlled Automatic Shaping

Continuous Mode arching capability calculates arch shape geometry for a specific width based on only three parameters: arch height, shoulder length, and fillet radius. Continuous Mode radii are scaled based on automatically measured stock dimensions allowing the shoulder dimension and arch height to remain constant for all possible sizes. Family Mode programmable template matching capability produces parts that match components from other shapers and eliminates the need for cumbersome templates.       

Graphical Touch Screen Operator Interface

User friendly operator interface utilizes a graphical menu system. Operation of the machine is as simple as touching an icon on the screen, loading the wood, and pressing the clamp and cycle icons. Training is made quick and easy with on-screen graphical instruction prompting the operator and online user's manual for quick reference.

Software Features

Six preprogrammed standard door styles provided with spilt arches for all.
Custom arch styles can be easily created utilizing graphical geometry setup menus. Up to 1,200 custom arch styles can be saved for future use to minimize setup time. Tooling compensation utility automatically adjusts part setup for changes to tooling dimensions.                                    

Rugged Steel Base and Table

Tubular steel frame and solid steel table with high efficiency bearings provide low maintenance and high accuracy.

Maintenance Access

Recently redesigned frame to provide full access to the rear of the machine. Walk in the machine to perform any maintenance required. Doors are interlocked for safety.


Upgradable Single Spindle Design

Machine built as a single quick-change spindle CNC shaper to be easily upgraded to a dual quick-change spindle CNC shaper at minimum cost.

96" Maximum Cutting Capacity

Extended base machine with 96 " cutting capacity providing all the flexibility of a standard size machine with larger stock capability.

Door Machine Plus Model

Larger capacity components for cutting up to 1-3/4 " thick stock for architectural doors.

Automatic Lubrication

Fully customizable lubrication intervals make certain that all the bearings and ballnuts have adequate lubrication.

Barcode Scanner

Automate your machine setup with a bar code scanner. This eliminates operator error and speeds the start of the setup process.