Unparalleled Technology and Service

Jenkins Tenoners and Shapers are designed to your specifications. Our machines deliver cutting edge efficiency and precision that increases quality, productivity and profits. Automated Toolchangers are available. Machining capabilities that will challenge your imagination for a variety of applications include: trimming, contouring, drilling, angular gain, corner rounding, coping, sanding, notching, tenoning and haunching.

  • Single Spindle CNC Shaper
  • Dual Spindle CNC Shaper
  • 5100 Series Shape and Sand
  • 3200 Single End Machining Center
  • 4200 Double End Machining Center
  • 2200 Double End Machining Center
  • Single Sided CNC Miter Machine
  • Double-sided CNC Miter Machine
  • Factory Rebuilds