Controls that improve machine capacity

Jenkins Controls Retrofit Improves Machine Capacity


A manufacturer of high end cabinet doors bought a machine for cutting a half-lap joint from another OEM. The machine was mechanically sound, but electrically problematic with limited capabilities. The PLC software was not flexible enough for near 100 moulded profiles our customer needed the machine to cut, and getting software changes from the original OEM was a difficult and slow process.


The Jenkins engineers developed a solution that consisted of removing nearly all of the electrical components on the machine and replacing them with a PC-based system that could handle and properly display all of the features the customer required. The new program was loosely based on a past Jenkins program, so it had a familiar look and feel, but most of the software was a complete rewrite. Several manually adjusted stations were automated with servo motors and drives so the machine could go from one type of moulding to another, quickly and easily.

The new controls system, servo motors, touchscreen, and PC were installed and started up in less than 1 week. Anytime the customer needs a program update, it can be written and sent electronically to the customer so they can install it at their convenience. Most basic program changes happen the same day requested.


  1. Added automation for much faster changeovers
  2. Flexibility and capacity added to cover all of the customer’s requirements
  3. Better customer service
  4. More reliable machine controls