Double-sided CNC Miter Machine

Jenkins Double-Sided CNC Miter Machine cuts both ends of the product simultaneously, accurately sizing each piece. Automatic loading and referencing system provides repeatability and precision. Product length changes from 4” to 96” occur rapidly at more than 6” per second while maintaining a compact footprint. The blind mortise and tenon joint is fully customizable for size and position, all controlled with a simple graphical touchscreen interface. Variable custom cutting routines allow for the most flexibility for a wide variety of moulded stock. Simplicity in operation produces high quality parts with minimal training.


Rugged Steel Base

Tubular steel frame forms a robust and rigid foundation. All axes utilize high-efficiency linear bearings and ballscrews to provide rigidity and achieve smooth motions.

Fast, Accurate Setups

High-speed product length changes are accomplished rapidly with traverse speeds of 6” per second.

Automated Loading and Referencing System

Makes loading easy while removing potential for incorrect placement of the part. A light curtain provides safety and intelligent cycle controls.

Self-Centering Product Support

Automatically provides support for the middle of the material during the cut.

Direct Drive Spindles

Utilizing 10HP miter & tenon motors and a 5HP mortise motor.

CNC Controlled Automatic Cutting

Precise servo control provides machining accuracy and repeatability. Minimal distortion in the tenon shape is a product of the CNC accuracy.

Graphical Touch Screen Interface

User friendly operator interface utilizes an icon driven menu system. Operation of the machine is as simple as touching an icon on the screen, loading the wood, and removing your hands from the loading area. Training is made quick and easy with on-screen graphical instruction prompting the operator.

Programming Software

Pre-programmed standard cut routines provided. Custom cut routines can be easily created. Custom tenon and mortise cut routines are saved for future to minimize setup time.

Product Size Capabilities

Width Min. Part Size Max. Part Size*
1-1/2" 4" 96"
2-1/4" 5-1/2" 96"
3" 7" 96"
3-1/2" 8" 96"
4-1/2" 9-1/2" 96"
5" 11" 96"


72" Maximum Cutting Capacity

Reduced base machine with 72" cutting capacity providing all the flexibility of a standard size machine with less floor space used.

Automatic Lubrication

Fully customizable lubrication intervals make certain that all the bearings and ballnuts have adequate lubrication.

Barcode Scanner

Automate your machine setup with a bar code scanner. This eliminates operator error and speeds the start of the setup process.